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Here at Brunswick Motorsport, our first and main priority is to satisfy your performance needs.

We are a small team of incredibly passionate technicians and engineers that will go above and beyond for you.

Your love for your automobile is shared by us, we'll work with you to design, engineer and craft your masterpiece.

When you buy one of our Brunswick modified engines, we'll supply it with full support and a dyno read from our in house dynamometer so you can rest assured we're delivering to you exactly what we promised, every time.

If the engine is fitted to the car on our premises, we're able to perform the final set up on our in house rolling road.

We'll tailor our services to your exacting requirements, from a complete build to repairing a specific part.

Full workshop facilities allow us to achieve whatever is required.

Call us to discuss your requirements, 01353 668840. 

At Brunswick Motorsport we take considerable pride in the service we provide and always exercise the same degree of care and accuracy with our customers' road vehicles as we do with our racing cars.


If you want to have your performance car upgraded, look no further. We can not only specify upgrades, but we can also install, test, modify and fine-tune every component of the upgrade to maximise the performance, safety and appearance.

Call Brunswick Motorsport today to discuss your requirements

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