At Brunswick Racing we have been building and maintaining race-winning engines in many forms of motorsport these include racing, rallying, sprinting and hill climbing for well over two decades. At Brunswick we aim to supply reliable and competitive engines tailored to our customers requirements. As competitors ourselves, we appreciate that every driver has different needs to gain the maximum benefit from an engine. Because of this we not only build an engine to suit their initial request, but also take the time to work with them afterwards to get the most from it. We class our aftersales service as second to none, It's in our best interests to ensure every customer is fully satisfied with their engine. After all, each engine we supply is an advertisement for our product, It's beneficial to us for it to be winning.

 In addition to new engine builds we are also able to refresh engines, differentials and gearboxes.

 We offer the following services:

  • Full Engine Builds & Re-Builds
  • Cylinder Head Porting and Gas Flowing
  • Piston Design and Sourcing
  • Lightened Flywheels
  • Cylinder Head Re-Facing
  • Gearbox Builds & Re-Builds
  • LSDs Fitted
  • Cylinder Head and Block Re-Facing
  • Con-Rod Design and Sourcing
  • Oil Way Modifications and Dry Sumping
  • Camshaft Design and Timing
  • Fitment of Engine Management Systems
  • Valve Seat Cutting
  • Competition Clutches
  • Re-Mapping
  • Honing

Our workshop has a dedicated engine building area where strict standards of cleanliness are observed at all times.

Engine Building

Bespoke Parts: Brunswick have the ability to develop our own parts in-house and over the years built many racing engines with one-off parts manufactured to the highest quality and proven on our own cars, all of our components are of the highest quality and are either our own design or sourced from leading manufactures.

At the same time we have not forgotten the art of carburettor tuning, maintaining a number of successful and historic racing engines. As a result we are able to offer an engine building service to meet the needs of all types of motor sport.

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any of your engine or gearbox requirements.